Food Trucks


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Sphere-like shape, light and really adaptable, it is perfect for everyone who would like to introduce himself in the street trading world, with a small investment.


Thanks to his cylindrical base, which has allowed to save more space, the Dream kiosk is even more comfortable and versatile.

Dream Cup

Elegant, charming and innovative. His vertical lifting system will give a 360° view to your business.


Exclusive, charming; his shape has allowed to optimise the inner space, keeping an high visibility.


Revolutionary kiosk, with his can-like shape.
The Dynamic is the bigger kiosk , even more comfortable and multifunctional.


Sunny, the perfect kiosk to be placed into your beach resort, amusement park or hotel.

Delight 2

Thanks to his square shape allows to optimize the inner space and better organise your work, according to your needs.

Delight 3

Delight 3 can be equipped with solar panel, innovative for his wide exposition of the product

Delight 5

Delight 5 can be equipped with solar panels, 5 metres of pure streetfood

Your Vision Of Food & Drink On The Road

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